General Description

Vehicular type Gas (hydrocarbons or other gasses) detection equipment is primarily used for pre-localization of gas leaks in a city/area having a large piping network. Most companies equip their vehicles with the most advanced gas leak detection equipment to survey entire towns and cities to identify areas where possible leaks thus ensuring safety of environment and reducing existing line losses.

TEE with its Italian partner, Huberg S.a.s, provides a comprehensive range of gas leak detection solutions.


Protheo IR

Detection system for gas leaks using a highly sensitive infrared diode laser. It can be installed on various types of vehicle and customized to your needs. The system is managed and controlled by computers with a GPS system that, together with our own software, allows us to automatically produce reports linked to the company’s mapping system.

Tri-Cycle For Gas Leak Detection

Huberg Tricycle is the perfect means for the detection of gas leaks in difficult areas which are not reachable by vehicles. Thanks to the metal support for the probe and pc, to the rear suction bar and the storage compartment for the instrument, the vehicle can guarantee an easy way to perform gas leak detection.
It has:

  • Metal support for probe and pc.
  • Storage compartment for the instrument / accessories / documents
  • Rear suction bar
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Yellow light for emergency signaling


Segway personal transporter homologated as a pedestrian, equipped to detect gas leaks. Equipped with: Gas leak device Metrex2 or Metrex3, outfitted with Bluetooth

  • Aluminium mount to stand Metrex 2 or Metrex3
  • Aluminium mount for a suction carpet with two regulations (up-down) and a personalized frontal protection plate
  • A thermoformed PVC carpet with two suction points
  • A support stand for the PDA
  • PDA software that can highlight geography coordinate of inspected roads, leakages and their value and time of inspections
  • Navigation system
  • Cartographic display


  • ASME Certified
  • FM approved
  • UL listed
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • ATEX
  • DOT

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