General Description

Liquid Petroleum Gas or LPG as it is more commonly known as, is becoming increasingly used as a fuel for industrial applications, vehicles, and residential communities. LPG has a boiling point lower than the ambient temperature; it must be stored in pressurized containers. An LPG pump capable of withstanding high pressures must be used such as a gear, side channel, regenerative turbine type or vane pumps.
LPG compressors are designed for use in liquid transfer through vapor displacement, vapor recovery, scavenger and portable applications. Our compressor sets are equipped with automation and safety devices and ready for use.


Blackmer LPG Pumps

LGB1, LGB1P, LGF1, LGF1P, LGF1PDBR, LGL125, LGL150, LGL156C, LGL158C, 1LGF11, 1LGF1P1, 1LGF1P1.5, 1LGB1D1, 1LGB1PD1.5, 3LGL125D2, 3LGL150D3, 1LGL156C5DP, LGLD2, LGLD3, LGLD4, TLGLF3, TLGLF3WETE, TLGLF4, 3LGLD2VB5, 3LGLD2VB7.5, 3LGLD3VB10, 3LGLD3VB15, 3LGLD4VB15, 3LGLD4VB20.

Blackmer LPG Compressors

LB161, LB161CO, LB161EX, LB161LU, LB361, LB361CO, LB361EX, LB361LU, LB601, LB601CO, LB601EX, LB601LU.

Corken LPG Pumps

FF075, FF150, Z3200, Z4200, Z2000, Z3500.

Corken LPG Compressors

291, 491, 691, 91, D691, D891,

Krug LPG Compressors

25459B, H50GH, H50LPH, HK50.


Explosion-proof (NEMA 7} single phase 115/230V motors for use in hazardous locations. These units come with a normal starting torque. All other class motors are available upon request. Three Phase 230/460 Volts.
1MXCB1, 1MXCB1.5, 3MX02, 3MX03, 3MX05, 3MX07.5, 3MX10, 3MX15, 3MX20, 3MX25, CL5024A208, L5013, L5018, L5020, L5023T, L5027T, M7014T, M7034T, M7060T, VL5023A, VL5024A, VL5027


  • ASME Certified
  • FM approved
  • UL listed
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • ATEX
  • DOT

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