General Description

A vaporizer is a device that transforms liquid phase LPG to vapor phase LPG.When vapor LPG from natural vaporization is not enough to meet high LPG consumption demands, a vaporizer can assist to provide sufficient vaporization rate as required. In principal, vaporizers are needed when consumption is greater than natural vaporization of LPG in a pressurized vessel.

                  • Maximize the usage of liquid LPG in the storage tank
                  • Higher flexibility and fewer refills.
                  • Achieve efficient and constant vaporization rate regardless of the liquid LPG level and temperature in the tank
                  • Constant mix of propane and butane


Direct LP-Gas Fired LPG Vaporizers

RANSOME RH Series; RH1000, RH120, RH200, RH400, RH50, RH600, RH80, RH800, XE0120, XE0120-009, XE0200, XE0400, XE0600, XE0800, XE1000, XESV0200, XESV0400, XESV0600, XESV0800, XESV1000.

Indirect Heated/Waterbath LP-Gas Fired LPG Vaporizers

RANSOME RW Series; RW100, RW180, RW360, RW540, RW720, RW900.

Direct Electric Heated LPG Vaporizers:

RANSOME RE Series; RE160, RE240, RE25, RE320, RE400, RE50, RE80.

Indirect Heated/Waterbath Electric Heated LPG Vaporizers

ENTEC ETV Series; ETV-50, ETV-100, ETV-150, ETV-200, ETV-300, ETV-400, ETV-500, ETV-600, ETV-800, ETV-1000

Water-Bath Immersion Tube LPG Vaporizer

RANSOME ID Series; ID1000, ID1500, ID2000, ID2500, ID3000, ID4000, ID500, ID5000, ID6000, ID750.

Steamed Heated LPG Vaporizers

RANSOME VS Series; VS100, VS1000, VS11800, VS1500, VS2400, VS330, VS3780, VS5460, VS55, VS660, VS7700.


  • ASME Certified
  • FM approved
  • UL listed
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • ATEX
  • DOT

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