General Description

Natural Gas substitute is provided using LPG-Air mix technology, this LPG-Air mix gas is commonly known as Synthetic Natural Gas or SNG. LPG-Air mix happens to be the direct and immediate substitute for all natural gas process equipment during pressure drops or shutdown periods. It is also used to feed far-flung areas with no availability of natural gas.
LPG-Air mix systems are designed to utilize LPG feed stock with high energy content. By mixing LPG with air, a fuel gas is produced that matches the burning characteristics of available natural gas; thus LPG-AIR mix can substitute for some or all flowing gas energy supply.
Over the years, TEE has successfully installed several standby SNG systems across the country and is the pioneer for Pakistan’s first base load SNG system to be used by an industrial customer.


LPG Pumps, Compressors & Motors

  • Blackmer LPG pumps
  • Blackmer LPG compressors
  • Corken LPG pumps
  • Corken LPG compressors
  • Krug LPG hand pumps
  • Krug LPG compressors
  • Motors

LPG Vaporizers

  • Direct LP-Gas fired LPG Vaporizers
  • Indirect heated/waterbath LP-Gas fired LPG Vaporizers
  • Direct Electric heated LPG Vaporizers
  • Indirect heated/waterbath electric heated LPG Vaporizers
  • Water-Bath Immersion Tube LPG Vaporizer
  • Steamed Heated LPG Vaporizer

LPG Air Mixers/Blenders

  • Combined DirectLP-Gas fired LPG Vaporizer with Venturi Mixer Unit
  • Combined indirect/waterbath LP-Gas fired LPG Vaporizer with Venturi Mixer Unit
  • Venturi Mixers (Atmospheric & High Pressure)
  • Modulating Proportional Mixes (Air Ratio Control)


  • ASME Certified
  • FM approved
  • UL listed
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • ATEX
  • DOT

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