General Description

With leading U.S. brands as our reliable partners, we provide a variety of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) equipment and accessories. We’ve everything you need – for all industrial and institutional users, where shutdown of natural gas would be costly and disruptive.

  • Agricultural applications – grain drying – crop dehydration
  • Indirect Electric heated
  • Utilities – municipalities – peak load shaving plants
  • Institutions – hospitals – schools – key public facilities
  • Residential units – resort complexes – remote field facilities


Gas Controls

First Stage Regulators, Second Stage Regulators, Integral Two-Stage Regulators, Small Portable Appliance Regulators, Changeover Manifold Assemblies, Gas Regulator Shields, Mounting Brackets, Vent Assemblies, High Pressure Regulators, Commercial/Industrial Regulators First Stage, Commercial/Industrial Regulators, Commercial/Industrial Regulator 99 Series, 99 Series Monitor Regulator, Commercial/Industrial Regulators 1098 Series, Commercial/Industrial Regulators 299H Second Stage, Threaded Internal Valves, Flanged Internal Valves, Safety Shutdown, Cable Controls ,Air Cylinders, Emergency Shutoff Valves for Bulk Plants, Railroad Tank Car Emergency Shutoff Valves, Liquid Service Relief Valves, Diaphragm Type Relief Valves, Large Relief Valves and Rain Cap & Relief Stacks, Flush Mounted Internal Relief Valves, Bulk Plant Relief Valve, Small Pump Bypass Valves, Back Pressure Valves, Large Pump Bypass Valves, Excess Flow Valves, Back Check Valves, Liquid Level Vent Valves, Vent Valves and Level Gauges, NH3 Hydrostatic Relief Valve, Cylinder Filling Valve, Liquid Transfer Valve, External Relief Valves, Compact Integral Two Stage Regulators, Low Pressure Single Stage Regulators, Automatic Changeover Regulators, High Pressure LP Gas Regulators, UL Approved Rubber Pigtails, POL Filler Coupling, Filler Coupling, Quick Closing Couplings, Female Acme Filler Couplings, Female Acme Vapor Return Couplings, Male Acme x Female NPT Adaptors, Male Acme x Male NPT Adaptors, Male Acme Adaptors, Conical Filter Screens, Spanner Wrench, Female Acme Caps, Ring and Chain Assemblies, POL Adaptors, Single Piece POL Adaptors, Swivel POL Adaptors, Filler Hose Adaptor, POL Plugs and Caps, Liquid Loading/Unloading Valve, Liquid Transfer Valve, ASME DOT Container Service Valves, Economy Quick Acting Dispensing Valves, Steel Transfer Valves, Forklift Cylinder & Engine Fuel Valves, Full Port Globe and Angle Valves, Vent Valves, Double Check Tank Fill Valves, Liquid Withdrawal Adapters, ASME Container Liquid Withdrawal Valves, External Relief Valves, Flanged Full Internal Relief Valves (DOT), Full Internal Relief Valves (DOT), Quad-Port Relief Valve Manifold, Semi Internal Relief Valves (ASME), Full Internal Pressure Relief Valves, Hydrostatic Relief Valves, High Flow Bypass Valves for Dispensing Applications, High Flow Bypass Valves for Bobtail Truck/Plant Applications, High Flow 3″ Bypass Valves for Plant Application, Hose End Valves, Turbo-Flo LE Dry Break Transfer System, Hose End Valve Lock, Low Pressure Test Kits, Methanol Injector, Cylinder Valve DOT up to 100 lbs. Propane, Liquid Transfer Valves Sherwood, Liquid Withdrawal Valve, Type 1 Acme Cylinder Valve with OPD, ACME Fill Fitting, 440 Quick Acting Valve, Combo Valve Multiple Head Units, Components for DOT Fork Lift Application, Double Back Check Filler Valves, Internal Spring Relief Valves for ASME Containers & Domestic Tanks, Vapor Return Valves, Checkmate Liquid Withdrawal Excess Flow Valves for ASME Bulk Tanks, Filler Hose Adapter, Hydrostatic Valve, Full Internal Pressure Relief Valves and Pipeaway Adapters, Full Internal Pressure Relief Valves DOT Forklift Cylinders and Adapters &Unloading Adapter.

Gauges And Gauge Accessories

“Master Visible” LP-Gas Storage Tank Gauges, Magnetel “Rough Rider” Liquid Level Gauge, Accu-Max Float Gauges, Rotary Gauges, Visible 4″ LP Dial Assembly, 4102 Master LP Dial Assembly, Domestic Tank Gauges, Taylor Gauge Replacement Dials, Jr. and Sr. Visible “2” LP Dial Assembly, FVC Threaded Adapters, Gauge Replacement Parts &Float Gauge Drill Guides.

Ball Valves, Tank Valves & Strainers

Jomar UL Approved Full Port Ball Valves, Jomar Stainless Steel 4 Bolt Ball Valves, Jomar Double Union End Carbon Steel Ball Valves, Jomar Full Port Union End with Side Tap Ball Valves, Petro Union End Ball Valves, Apollo UL Approved Ball Valves, Inline Stainless Steel Ball Valves, Jomar T-Handle Female Pipe by Female Pipe Gas Cocks, Jomar Male Flare Gas Cocks, Jomar Female Pipe by Female Pipe Gas Cocks, Female Pipe by Female Pipe Gas Cocks, 1/4″ Brass Valves, Female Pipe by Female Pipe Lockwing, Back Check Valves, Squibb Tank Valves, Squibb Excess Flow Valves, “Y” Type Strainers &Bronze Swing Check Valves.

Hose, Hose Reels & Accessories

Flexible S.S. Connectors, Flexible Stainless Steel Gas Connectors, Stainless Steel Hose, Smart-Hose Safety System, Dayco Pressed on Hose Couplings, Dayco High Pressure LPG Hose, U.L. Approved High Pressure Full Line Hose, LPG Hose, Style “QW” Reusable Couplings for Wire Braid Hose, Hold-Fast Reusable Couplings, Female NPT x Swivel Female NPSM, Male NPT x Swivel Female NPSM, 45 Degree Male NPT x Swivel Female NPSM, 90 Degree Male NPT x Swivel Female NPSM, Ferrules, Brass Hose Inserts, Installation Tools, Copper Refrigeration Tubing, Waterflex, Dual Shutoff Break-Away Valves, Quick Connect Couplings, Hannay Hose Reels, Accessory Equipment &Cast Manifolds.

Misc. Products And Safety Equipment

Low Pressure Test Kit, Combustible Gas Indicators, Gloves, Wheel Chocks, Fire Extinguishers, Filler Valve Lock & Key, Gas Match Ignitor & Butane Refill, Telescoping Claw Pilot Igniter, Contego Latex Fire Barrier – White, Pipe Joint Sealer, Gasoila Soft Set, Rectorseal #5, Tub-O-Towels, Threaded Pipe Sealer, Tola Leak Detector, Yellow PTFE Teflon Tape, Pasco Pipe Wrap, Penetrating Oil, Container Thermometer &Thermowell, Serviceman’s Test Kit, Gas Test Gauge, Pressure Gauge Adaptor & Test Block, Manifolds,  Adaptor with Screen, Plug, Torch & Hose Adapter Union, Needle Valves, Pressure Gauges &Filler Hose Adaptor.

Gas Lights, Stoves, Burners, Torches and Furnaces

Free Standing LP-Gas Refrigerator/Freezer, Flow-Longer Propane Kit, Stay-Longer Propane Kit, LP Indoor Gas Lighting, Humphrey Replacement Parts, Camp Appliances Accessories, Box Pack & Bubble Pack Burner Kits, LP-Gas Hand Burners, Skin-Packed Hose Assemblies, Skin-Packed Fittings, Flexible Hose Pigtails, Gas Mate II, Quick Connectors &Mr. Heater Display.


  • ASME Certified
  • FM approved
  • UL listed
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • ATEX
  • DOT

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