General Description

TARGET ENGINEERING ENTERPRISE with its manufacturing partner EMGAZ sp.z.o.o – POLAND, provides complete LPG /Auto Gas dispensing / refueling equipment & services under expert technical guidance.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Auto Gas, has been used worldwide as a common vehicle fuel doe many decades. In Pakistan, LPG is not only domestically produced in large quantities by refineries & gas fields but it is also imported in significant volumes during peak demand seasons.
It is widely known that LPG is one of the most clean burning fuels. Using LPG as a vehicle fuel increases engine life, offering convenience & performance benefits while sustaining environment & public health.
TEE is the leader in LPG Auto Gas business providing turnkey solutions, i.e. one window operation for design, supply, installation & commissioning of world-class, internationally certified equipment and accessories.


LPG Dispensers

  • Dragon 5 – Liquid Gas meter
  • Dragon 9
  • Dragon 5
  • Dragon duplex
  • Parafour duel type

LPG Pumps, Compressors & Motors

  • Blackmer LPG pumps
  • Blackmer LPG compressors
  • Corken LPG pumps
  • Corken LPG compressors
  • Blackmer LPG compressors
  • Krug LPG hand pump
  • Krug LPG compressor
  • Krug LPG compressor

LPG Conversions Kit

  • Traditional LPG Kit
  • Sequential LPG Kit

LPG Conversion Kits

Complete set of imported Carburetor type, EFI type & Sequential type LPG kits for vehicles (in 4 cylinder & 6 cylinder option) with multivalve and accessories.

LPG Cylinders

  • Domestic LPG cylinders
  • Automotive LPG cylinders


  • ASME Certified
  • FM approved
  • UL listed
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • ATEX
  • DOT

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