• Natural Gas backup (SNG/LPG-Air Mix Technology) for industries, towns, malls, commercial buildings & gas utility companies.
  • Straight LPG vaporizer systems for industries, restaurants & commercial buildings.
  • LPG Bottling/Cylinder filling scales, terminal equipment & services.
  • LPG Storage Vessels, pumps, compressors, safety valves, regulators, accessories & other equipment.
  • LPG Auto Gas (Re-fueling) station equipment & services.
  • LPG Conversion kits for vehicles.
  • LNG Terminal consultancy & EPC services.
  • Cryogenic LNG storage vessels, Cryogenic LNG transport bowsers & LNG Vaporizers & Re-gasification equipment.
  • Compact Natural Gas liquefaction plants, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) & LPG recovery (from Natural Gas fields) plants.
  • Natural Gas, LPG, SOx, NOx & other toxic gas leak detection equipment & systems for monitoring and control.
  • Natural Gas and LPG metering & control systems with remote data collection.
  • Firefighting systems, Fire pumps & complete Fire detection and control equipment.
  • Pressure regulating station equipment & accessories.
  • Gas filtration systems; filter separators, scrubbers, dryers etc.

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