General Description

Portable Gas (hydrocarbons or other gasses) detectors are multi-functional and used for survey of installed pipeline networks, be it above ground or underground. Factories, national gas pipeline network, national distribution network, gas/petrol stations, restaurants, malls, housing communities etc. all require periodic surveys. Theses portable Gas Leak Detectors assist greatly ensure safety of environment and reduce line losses.

TEE with its Italian partner, Huberg S.a.s., provides a comprehensive range of portable gas leak detection solution for residential, commercial or industrial use.


Laser One

Professional instrument for the detection and localization of methane gas leaks, it is selective and it requires no cylinder. Suitable for the detection of leaks in underground and aerial pipelines.

The instrument can be used for better quantification of CH4 (methane) emissions from landfills and has great results even with biogas leaks in the biogas plants, thanks to the high precision of Laser technology.

Equipped with GPS antenna and Bluetooth for data transfer from the instrument to a PC or Tablet device.

Metrex 3

Professional instrument for prelocalization, localization and classifying of gas leaks (CH4 and/or C3H8) in underground and aerial pipelines. It can be equipped with a sensor for ethane, toxic gases, hydrocarbons, odorants, hydrogen and helium, GPS antenna and Bluetooth. It can be combined with a minimum of 1 sensor, to a maximum of 6 sensors.

Rivelgas Combi

Rivelgas Combi is ideal for technicians who are on call or handling an emergency, it can be used for gas leak detection and localization of gas leaks on underground networks and for the detection of gas leaks on exposed and air pipes.

The ergonomics of the instrument allows an easier use. In combination with the instrument, you can use various types of probes that allow you to work on different ground surfaces, also reaching points otherwise difficult to get to. The internal Bluetooth allows a connection with a personal computer, in order to visualize the work data.


  • ASME Certified
  • FM approved
  • UL listed
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • ATEX
  • DOT

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